Letter to the Editor: Election Denialism Didn’t Start With Trump


In case readers' memories are as short as mine or possibly they were not around at the time, there have been many stolen elections, presidential and otherwise. 

Real or imagined, history is full of them. 

More recently, Al Gore claimed the 2000 election was stolen by George Bush in Florida. Hillary Clinton claimed the 2016 election was stolen by Donald Trump, and by the way, many Democrats agreed with her. 

I don't believe she has changed her mind since. The only one who is accused of causing widespread violence and chaos is Donald Trump in spite of the sometimes violent anti-Trump demonstrations after the 2016 election. 

Yes, we seem to be getting increasingly divided and unable to talk through our concerns, but it seems to me that this didn't start with Donald Trump. It's not just a far-right thing.


Tom Duffy