Letter to the Editor: Don’t Believe the Smears on Joe Kent


During the last couple of weeks, U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader, Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler and candidate Heidi St. John have all smeared candidate Joe Kent.

They have mocked the program Operation Chaos, started by Rush Limbaugh on his show back in 2008. Ditto Heads (Limbaugh followers) know of the strategy Rush laid out to throw a monkey wrench in the Democrat Primary Elections. Republicans cross over to vote for the second-most favored Democrat. That way when they get to the Democratic National Convention, there would be a battle between the top two candidates. Thus, delaying the convention conclusion until the delegates can settle on one person to represent their party for president.

During the 2020 primary election, Joe Kent did this along with other “Ditto Heads” across the nation.

Since 2008, Rush promoted this tactic in every important election cycle that came along. For McCarthy, Herrera Beutler and St. John to not know this tells me they are not true conservatives. Joe Kent went on to vote for President Trump in the general election in 2020. The Trump team vetted him, and he also worked for the Trump campaign at that time. This strategy has been used by Democrats and Republicans for decades.

However, the establishment continues to bash Joe Kent over the head with it. This shows their complete lack of character, integrity and some extremely devious behavior. The White House vetted Kent earlier on to aid the Trump White House by writing “white papers” on the Middle East where Kent served as a Green Beret.

Kent is pro-law enforcement, pro-Social Security for seniors and pro-veterans and assures their benefits are not diminished by Washington, D.C. bureaucrats. President Trump endorsed Kent for Congress. St. John has dark money flowing into her campaign and has featured photos of President Trump and herself on fliers to our congressional district’s mailboxes, which gives the false impression that Trump is behind St. John’s campaign. He is not. Trump has endorsed Kent for Congress. St. John has claimed in the recent past that Trump made some bad decisions and Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos isn’t a good idea. The tactic has only been around for decades. However, she thinks Limbaugh was wrong about it.

McCarthy wants Herrera Beutler to remain in Congress. The woman who voted to impeach President Trump, voted against funding the southern border wall in the early stages of Trump’s presidency and became a stooge for Nancy Pelosi by being in cahoots with the Democrats on the Jan. 6 Committee. Joe Kent is an America First, Trump-endorsed candidate and conservative Republican. Please vote for Joe Kent.


C.J. Warren