Letter to the Editor: Contemplating the Stance of Some Gun Owners


Gun owners say that if society takes away their AR-15 style automatic weapons, next comes rifles, handguns, knives and finally every last slingshot and peashooter in America.

I have read some history, and I find Second Amendment type societies where every household was encouraged to have a sword or a musket at the ready. But never have I discovered a society where every household was allowed to have a loaded cannon in the bedroom.

I did read that soldiers returning to Russia from World War I were required to surrender their battlefield weapons to armories in and around the big cities. The communist trickster Vladimir Lenin raided those armories and made himself master of Russia. But is assault weapon legislation voted on by elected representatives of the people the same as a midnight coup d’etat?

Using the domino logic of gun owners, we would never want to prevent or disarm any nation’s nuclear arsenal, because that would inevitably be followed by us taking away all remaining means of defense from them. Maybe sane people just don’t want unstable leaders like the ones in Iran to have their fingers on a nuclear trigger. That would be like average, flighty Americans having access to assault weapons: not too smart.


Kimball Shinkoskey

Formerly of Lewis County