Letter to the Editor: Consider a Future Where We Run Out of Wind, Water and Sunlight 


Recently, I happened upon the point being made that green energy is just too complicated: It takes more time, money and energy to produce than what it yields. It's not like our fossil fuels that can be simply brought out of the ground and ignited.

I’ve always found that the simplest statements many times communicate the most remarkable truths. It’s painful to recognize my past arrogant ignorance, but thanks to our local sages, I’ve come around 180 degrees and now embrace the startling truth revealed in this simple, obvious concept.

To those that have stubbornly resisted this epiphany, let me expand on it a bit.

Just think of the infrastructure and technology involved to make green energy a reality. If we become solely dependent on it, the world will have to build massive pipelines to transport wind, water and sunlight to where it is needed. Imagine the risks involved if a pipeline containing wind, water or light should fail and pollute our land and oceans.

Consider what a future world would be like when we finally run out of wind, water and sunlight. Are we on the road to creating a dark, bleak, silent and arid planet?

Is this the future you embrace?


Dennis Shain