Letter to the Editor: Commissioner Vacancy an Opportunity for Dynamic Leadership


The future of Lewis County calls. The untimely passing of Lewis County Commissioner Gary Stamper has opened up an opportunity for a new, young and dynamic individual to lead our people into a prosperous and sustainable future.

I remember the home rule charter process in 2017-2018 which would have been a significant positive expression of citizen driven Lewis County leadership.

I designed and taught a unique course at Centralia College on the subject. It was an opportunity to reform Lewis County’s governmental power structure in a once in a lifetime way. It was eventually sabotaged by the very people who proposed it with the help of those whom it would hobble.

We have another critical opportunity for our citizens to determine the future of Lewis County by eventually filling the vacuum left by Mr. Stamper's passing. We need new leadership that is educated, dynamic, visionary and accountable directly to the people they shall represent. We need a leader who can articulate a sustainable and prosperous future for all of the people in this county, both east and west. We don’t need crony candidates who make backroom deals and alliances for themselves and the existing power structure of Lewis County. We need a citizen to come forth with a powerful vision, resolute character, dynamic oratory and the will to fight for the people, all of the people.

Are you that person?


Mitchel Townsend