Letter to the Editor: Columnist’s Debunking of COVID-19 Claims Refreshing


Thank you for publishing that refreshing commentary by Julie McDonald. If all of the concerns and accusations promoted by anti-COVID-19 advocates were true, it would mean that all of our health care providers, scientists, manufacturers, administrators and politicians on an international/worldwide scale were and are complicit in duping all of us laymen and all of their colleagues in a scheme to subvert our freedom and our health, ultimately enslaving us all.

I do not doubt that there are evildoers in all five of the groups I just mentioned and there may well be other avenues of addressing prevention and even cures for this pandemic.

But, believing all of the anti-COVID concerns would mean that all the hospitals throughout the United States and for that matter the world would have had to agree to misrepresent data and that also goes for the scientists, administrators, et al.

My last comment is on sources. Where is this information coming from? Is it coming from scientific journals, medical journals, independent data miners and government agencies? Are the aforementioned sources suspect and therefore not valid? Perhaps these concerns and accusations come from self appointed experts and their blogs or maybe Russia or China, you think?

If we cannot agree on what is a reliable source (a benchmark), all data is questionable and therefore we cannot have a conversation.

If the intent is to divide and conquer, it is a job well done.


Carlos Perez