Letter to the Editor: Candidate’s Support of Potential Violence Is Unsettling


During this week’s Straight Talk, Marie Gluesenkamp Perez and Joe Kent were interviewed. Mr. Kent made a statement that I hope would be shocking and highly objectionable to most Americans. 

“I think that the American people should have the same weapons that our military has. The reason we have a second amendment is to keep a tyrannical government off of our back. The only check we have from our government having a complete and total monopoly on violence and on power is our second amendment,” he said. 

This follows his statement during the first debate when he said one of the purposes of the second amendment is for the government to have a "healthy fear of us." 

The support of potential violence against our government by an individual seeking a congressional seat is very unsettling. What is Mr. Kent’s impression of our current government?

Does he feel that President Biden and Speaker Pelosi are “tyrants,” and that violence is justified in their removal? Such rhetoric from MAGA likely inspired that attack on Paul Pelosi. Should elected officials live with fear of attack? Is a violent mob being added to the system of checks and balances within the government? That certainly seems to be what he is supporting.

The idea of regular citizens having access to the same weapons that the military has is abhorrent and ignores the extensive training that the members of our military have in their use. Such powerful killing tools have a place in protecting our country from foreign enemies by highly skilled active-duty warriors. They should never be in the hands of a citizen, even if trained, who might believe an elected official is a tyrant and then feel justified to take violent action. 

But this is what Mr. Kent states he endorses.

There are many alternatives to violence and managing through fear and intimidation. Good decisions are not made from the perspective of fear. We do not need someone in elected office who thinks like Joe Kent does. My ancestors, who worked hard to build and to defend this country, would be deeply ashamed if he is.

Charles Johnson,