Letter to the Editor: Candidate Murphy, Missing in Action


I attended the commissioners’ meeting last Tuesday. The room was packed and they had to move the overflow into another room. Plus, there were many participating online. 

I looked around the room and saw Sheriff Rob Snaza, but Tracy Murphy was not there. 

This meeting was at the heart of so many of us because an ordinance was being proposed to take action concerning the homeless encampments in our county. There must have been close to 50 citizens that gave their opinions, grave concerns and some very strong emotions were expressed. 

Toward the end, Sheriff Snaza gave his insights and recommendations for this ordinance. Chief Roger Morningstar of the Morton/Mossyrock/Pe Ell police department also shared his views of how this ordinance would impact our county community. 

Tracy Murphy, who wants to represent us as our sheriff, was not there to give us his guidance on this proposed ordinance. If Murphy would have sent someone to speak in his place, it may have helped, but it’s his obligation to be there if he wants to be our sheriff. 

The sheriff is a leader of our community who needs to be there for us, guiding us along the way.

The political races have been hotly contested, and we are closely watching the decision-making process of all the candidates. This county ordinance would be an intrigant part of the sheriff’s department. Why would Murphy not want to be there to give us his opinion? 

I’ve noticed Murphy not showing up has been a pattern in several cases since he entered the sheriff race. As I mentioned another time, it’s my recollection that Murphy has only been to one or two of the Republican monthly meetings, while Snaza attends them multiple and sometimes consecutive times. 

When we hear someone making accusations of their opponent and say how they will be a better sheriff but do not engage with our community, it raises a red flag for me. These months leading up to an election are a test run for all the candidates. I want a sheriff that will be watching out for our community, not only when it’s convenient for them. I’ve listened to four forums where Snaza and Murphy answered questions. Murphy has stated he wants to be our sheriff, but in these two scenarios, Murphy has failed to follow through. 

I respect Rob Snaza, Tracy Murphy and all of our law enforcement and the job they face every day to protect our community. I can only observe as a citizen. Many others like myself are so tired of the political scene of false accusations, and where promises are made but never kept.

Listening to what the candidates say and watching how they perform and follow through is a good marker for me to help make my decision. Murphy saying he’s Republican but having allegiance to the Democrat Party is concerning to me. 

I feel safer knowing Rob Snaza will be my sheriff. Vote Rob Snaza for sheriff

Chris Granger,

Silver Creek