Letter to the Editor: Brent Hennrich Is the Congressional Candidate for Us


I would like to introduce Brent Hennrich to the people of Lewis County and the 3rd Congressional District. I have seen many campaign signs around for Joe Kent, a few for Heidi St. John and only one or two for Brent Hennrich. Who is Brent Hennrich? He is a husband, dad of three and currently the best stay-at-home dad and jack of all trades I have known in a while.

He is middle class much like most of us and understands what is needed to move our country beyond the partisan divide and help us heal our wounds.

The others just want to make those wounds larger and more painful. Brent’s symbol is a band aid just for those very reasons. We need to discuss our issues. We need to show up at town halls with good questions of our representatives and wait for the explanation.

Our government and our fragile democracy does not maintain or heal due to who holds the largest and loudest pep rally. We do not need anymore big money, slick talking snake oil sellers. We need a representative that will ask the hard questions of Congress and bring us answers from those questions.

We never see Jaime Herrera Beutler. Staff is all we get unless it is an election year. Then the press releases start and the handpicked goody two shoes, “look at what I did for this person” comes out.

Brent has stated that he will do regular visits to the district. There are many days that Congress is not in session. We hire them to represent us. Brent will. We may never all agree on everything, but democracy is not one sided. It only survives if we listen to both sides and negotiate and agree and then move forward within that agreement. We have had too much one-side rule. We need the middle for everyone. We don’t need press releases to bolster our numbers. We need work being accomplished for us all.

Brent can do that. Brent has lived in Vancouver with his family for many years. His children attend public school there, just like ours. His wife works there. He saw that our area is not being represented as well as it should be and decided to step up. Is that not what all our representatives should do? Most set out on a path of planning and rubbing elbows and saying what everyone wants to hear to gain money and support. So, who do they support when in office? Them or us? I prefer us. And you know, us is also the United States. Please take a few minutes to check Brent Hennrich for Congress and if you can. Send him a few dollars. He doesn’t have Hannity doing his bidding for him. Just us.


Carolyn Brock