Letter to the Editor: Biden and the Democrats Have Completely Failed America


When Joe Biden was elected, we were assured that the adults were back in charge. We were sold the bill of goods that this person with 40-plus years of governmental experience would restore and reunite America after four years of Donald Trump’s presidency and the nonstop division that the mainstream media attributed to his disrespect of them and their naked ideologically compromised advocacy for the Democratic Party.

So after 17 months, what are the results of selecting this man whose previous boss Barack Hussein Obama reportedly said in his own words, “never underestimate Joe’s ability to ‘bleep’ things up?”

The results are clear, and America suffers under his low energy, incompetent leadership and an obviously failed administration.

The Afghanistan tuck tail surrender, a new unwinnable war in Ukraine, highest gas and food prices in history, inflation running rampant, crime skyrocketing, infestation of our schools with Marxist ideologies, mass shootings and mental disease peaking, and millions of illegals coming across the border unchecked are just the highlights reel. America is being destroyed before our very eyes.

His incompetence and failure are an accurate description of the whole Marxist Democratic Party to include the state of Washington where Gov. Jay Inslee has enthusiastically done his part and still unnaturally clings to the dictatorial emergency powers which he bestowed upon himself even after the COVID-19 debacle has long exceeded its shelf life in the rest of the nation.

In November, the American people have a chance to check the Democratic Party’s incompetent and seemingly intentional destruction of America and begin to dismantle both Biden's and Inslee’s cancerous and unaccountable administrations.

We will not go quietly into the night nor be shouted down, disrespected, frightened or firebombed into intimidation by the Democratic Party. Vote like the American Dream depends on it, because it does.


Mitchel N. Townsend

Silver Creek