Letter to the Editor: Bhagwandin Is Most Experienced Candidate for County Commissioner


When I arrived in Lewis County almost a decade ago, I immediately realized that it is full of unrealized potential for its residents. Agritourism, rich natural resources and beautiful landscapes to recreate in make it a gem of the Pacific Northwest.

I also realized that to capitalize on these things, new leadership was necessary to help Lewis County adapt to all the change happening in the world around us. We all love this area for its small town Americana feel, and fear that without a plan, we could lose it.

Harry Bhagwandin is the most experienced leader we have to ensure that these values and opportunities are preserved, and we should all vote for him for county commissioner. Harry is honest to a fault, a great quality for civic leaders. He believes that companies like Crystal Geyser should be kept out of the county, and that preserving our salmon runs is as important as preserving our values. His experience managing his own forest (which had me awestruck at its beauty and function) is a model for our timber communities.

The future is full of coming change, of that I am sure. And if things are destined to change, I want to know that my leaders are people who have lived the many phases of life here, so they know what is needed for everybody. I want them to love this place as much as I do, and appreciate its people, landscapes and businesses.

Harry Bhagwandin has spent most of his life right here in Lewis County. He has dedicated his life to improving the county, in so many humanitarian and economic ways. He recognizes our strengths and has worked to use them to keep Lewis County strong and adaptable to the current world.

As a small business owner myself (Raintree Nursery and Packwood Station), I know how important economic development is to Lewis County. Harry knows this, too, and is driven to make sure that it happens in a way that benefits the people of Lewis County, rather than outside corporations that come here to extract money from this area. Agritourism and recreation tourism will be the single biggest source of revenue for Lewis county in the future. These industries can be fantastic for the economy, bringing in outside money that stays in the county. He also knows that with tourism comes issues that need to be addressed to preserve housing for locals. None of the other candidates bring such a wide range of experience combined with a history of public service.

Vote for Harry!


James Owen