Letter to the Editor: After Election Results, I Hope Lewis County Remains Safe


I’m disappointed with the way the whole election came out.

I was not expecting Patty Murray to come out on top. She has done completely nothing in 30 years compared to someone like Tiffany Smiley, who will take action on this generation's real problems — lawlessness, lack of police and high inflation.

And for Joe Kent to lose out to Marie Gluesenkamp Perez does make me concerned for Lewis County becoming a blue county. I know Joe Kent has been labeled “too extreme" for Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, but does everyone know that she has helped the Portland antifa rioters (leaf blowers) give tuneups just so that they can riot more while shielding themselves from the police?

Does everyone know that she collected money from Pelosi, supported Biden's high-inflation tax hikes, supports sex-ed in younger school grades and wants to defund police?

Nothing matters because the only one agenda the public voted for was one controversial topic — abortion.

For Lewis County, it is a big need because this county is low income. Somehow, it sure became the top priority for a majority of voters' "human rights" regardless of multiple injustices this country has.

Now that we have a leftist socialist running this county, the big questions are, "Will she protect the community's safety? Will Lewis County increase in crime? Will the police become like city cops, arriving at your home slower than your pizza delivery man?"

Sadly, nothing matters to the public regardless of our economic disaster, high increase in crime, gas prices with domino effects and poor quality education for our youth. I moved from Tacoma for the purpose of my safety. I loved the way I can walk out alone without being robbed and harassed by felons.

Tacoma is not only a blue city but a city with an elitist council running after the police rather than violent felons.

Lewis County was always beyond that. Why can’t this matter to voters?

I hope Lewis County will remain red and patriotic. Most likely, a city that stands for everyone's safety against our dictator governor's police restrain orders.

Marie Gluesenkamp Perez has no economic experience or wisdom. Her opinion of solving the inflation problem is to build more housing (yeah, get real, with more taxes).

She is in my opinion, an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a socialist that is willing to work with Inslee in making Lewis County blue and more radical.

Just remember as a fact that the most liberal cities have higher crime compared to the most conservative towns.

I just pray that Lewis County will remain a small safe community no closer to Seattle or Tacoma. When it takes a flawed politician, it's the people who take action. Stand tall and don’t fall.


Marlene Cotla