In loving memory of Ritajean "Jeanne" Griffin: 1928-2024


Ritajean “Jeanne” Griffin was born on Tuesday, June 19, 1928, in Seattle, Washington. She was the youngest of three daughters. 

During her life, she married three times and had seven children, Bob Kinney (passed away in 2008), DeeDee Kinney, Doug Kinney, Jody McGhee (passed away in 2017), Mark Kinney, Kim Kinney (passed away in 2022) and Jeanne Marie Griffin. She also had 11 stepchildren. 

Her legacy was her family. Her roots span down generations, including 34 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. By the time of her passing, she was a great-great-great grandmother. Her family didn’t stop there. Over time, she was a foster parent to many, a den mother and a girl scout leader. 

Throughout her lifetime, she had many accomplishments and adventures. She once owned a second-hand store in Cave Junction, Oregon. She ran a cat rescue in Rochester, Washington, helped at food banks and volunteered at her local grange. At one time, she even owned a 40-acre gold mine. and although she never struck it rich. She was rich in many other ways. Her love of travel took her across seas to her mother’s home country of England. Her love to travel took her to other countries and over half of the states. 

Like her mother before her, she had a garden at almost every place she lived. She loved reading and doing puzzles. Her love of animals was apparent. She enjoyed learning and immersing herself in the Native American Culture, and she adored the outdoors. 

But most of all, she loved her family and spending time with loved ones. She was stubborn and determined in everything she did. From a young age, it was clear that if she liked you, you knew it. If she didn’t like you, you knew that, too. During any visit to Jeanne, you could ask her how she was doing and her reply was always the same: “I’m ornerier than cat shit and twice as nasty.” 

She passed on Jan. 12, 2024, at the age of 95 peacefully in her sleep. She is loved and will be missed by many.