In Loving Memory of Anthony Nicholas Chernysheff Jr.: 2018-2022


Sweet Boy, 

Your life on this earth was cut short, 

but the life you lived alongside us, 

was the best life a kid could ask for… 

Anthony Nicholas Chernysheff Jr., age 3, of Olympia, Washington, passed away on Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022. Anthony was born Dec. 29, 2018. 

Anthony was a wild, crazy and outgoing little boy. He was a 0-60 wild child and was loved dearly. Anthony loved to jump off the couch, play in forts made of large pillows and sheets, and loved to wrestle. Anthony’s vocabulary was impressive. He was very intelligent. When he started eating baby food, there wasn’t a single food that he didn’t like. As his love for food grew, he wasn’t afraid to try new things, loving everything from avocados to fresh cut onions. Anthony would eat onions like apples. 

Anthony loved Blippi, CoComelon, Peppa Pig and most of the videos his big sister, Arabella, would watch. He loved to cuddle in the morning with his sippy cup full of milk. His interest and love for cars was incredible. Anthony was obsessed with vacuums and taking them apart. 

Anthony recently learned how to use a spin mop and how to ring it out. This was his new favorite. He was quite a big helper with laundry, transferring the clothes. He enjoyed being in the kitchen, if you let him, and if not, he would throw a fit. He spent many days banging on pots and pans. Anthony would jump on the trampoline and play countless hours outside. Just like most kids, he loved the water. 

Anthony was passionate about so many things, including music, books, soccer, baseball, basketball, cars, coloring and stickers. He loved building blocks and knocking them down. Anthony was the first to get up to go shopping and help with the groceries. He recently learned to dress himself and was so proud. He would grin ear to ear when he would accomplish pulling up his pants or sliding on his Crocs, getting them on the correct feet as he knew left from right. 

Anthony was fascinated with fixing things and working with tools. He knew what basic hand tools were, such as drills, screw drivers, screws and more. He spent time working on cars and bikes. His favorite sentences used to be, “What’s that noise,” and “I’ll do it myself.” He was learning the alphabet and could identify all colors. 

When Anthony slept, he would get so warm that he wanted a box fan blowing on him most nights, even in the winter. He was crazy about listening to crickets and frogs in the summertime. Anthony slept the best with his brown puppy dog and a blanket that previously was his cousin Anna’s. 

Anthony is survived by his parents Sarah Morrill and Anthony Chernysheff; four brothers Robin Moorefield, Aiden Anderson, Prayson Connelly and Nicholas Chernysheff.; sister Arabella Chernysheff; cousins Amber, Anna and Ollie; grandmother, Sharron Morrill; and a number of aunts and uncles including Amber Dailey, Nickolas Dailey, Jody Kaufmann, Shawn Pruett, Sasha Hawthorne, Lana Chernysheff and specifically, Amanda and Richard Budziak. 

A celebration of life will be held at Sticklin Funeral Chapel in the George Washington Venue, 1437 S. Gold St., Centralia, Washington, on April 23, 2022 at 1 p.m. 

Arrangements are under the care and direction of Sticklin Funeral Chapel.