Greene leads Cardinale by narrow margin in LCFD 6 commissioner race on election night 


Incumbent Lewis County Fire District 6 Commissioner Gregory Greene was leading the commissioner position 3 race on election night, with 51.04 of the vote, or 709 votes, to his name. 

While the challenger, retired Lewis County Fire District 6 chief Ken Cardinale, announced his intention to drop out of the race last month, he still garnered 48% of the vote, or 667 votes, on election night. 

A total of 13 votes went to a write-in candidate. 

If elected, Cardinale would need to resign, at which point the board would appoint a commissioner to fill the vacant position.

The preliminary count included the results of 13,338 ballots. The Lewis County Auditor’s Office estimated there were still 701 ballots left to count on election night, with an estimated total voter turnout of 24.15%.

The next ballot count will be released at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 8. Election certification will take place on Nov. 28.