Driver Caught Racing 141 MPH Past Washington State Patrol Office


 Two cars racing on Interstate 82 reached speeds up to 141 mph as they passed near the Washington State Patrol office in Kennewick on Thursday.

Trooper Dave Brandt spotted an Infiniti Q60 and a Subaru speeding west on the highway about 7:30 a.m., Trooper Chris Thorson told the Herald.

When Brandt got behind them, the driver of the Subaru turned onto the Highway 395 exit.

The Infiniti's driver slowed and started to fishtail as the driver applied the brakes, Thorson said. Then it managed to pull to the side safely.

The driver, who wasn't named, was cited for reckless driving, he said.

While troopers saw drivers speeding on state highways during the COVID pandemic shutdowns, Thorson said traffic has slowed some now that the highways have become more crowded.