Detectives trace fake bomb threat against Yelm High School to out-of-state address


Police say they have traced a fake bomb threat against Yelm High School to a juvenile suspect in New York.

The suspect allegedly left a voicemail at the school Monday that indicated a "potential bomb threat by another student," according to a news release from the Yelm Police Department.

Yelm Police School Resource Officers reportedly learned of the threat at 3 p.m. Monday. Detectives learned it was a hoax within two hours, then worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to trace the number to a New York address, according to the newsrelease.

The detectives then devised a plan with New York State Police to contact a juvenile suspect at the address. The news release says New York State Police "executed an operation" to contact the juvenile and successfully reached him at about 8 p.m. Monday.

The Yelm Police post says the juvenile was "apprehended."

"The Yelm Police Department underscores the gravity of threats directed towards our children and their educational environment," the news release says. "Our commitment to investigating, pursuing and apprehending anyone posing a threat remains unwavering."

The department also expressed its appreciation to the Yelm Communities School Staff, students, community members and law enforcement partners for their "patience, focus and determination during these challenging times."