City of Tenino to Recoup $270,000 Lost to Scammers


Tenino will recoup all $270,000 lost to scammers last year through its insurance, the city announced Tuesday.

The agreement comes after a battle between the city and its insurer, which originally denied Tenino’s claim.

City officials offered no further comment on the matter.

Tenino lost the sum of money last spring at the hands of fraudsters posing as the Washington Municipal Clerks Association. After a $23,000 loan was approved by the city, the sum funneled to the scammers ballooned to more than 10 times that amount.

In previous interviews with The Chronicle, Mayor Wayne Fournier said federal and state investigators were working on the case, and that it was unclear how that much money made its way into accounts identified in Houston and overseas.

Fournier took to Facebook this past winter, months after the event, to confirm the city’s loss. The staff member largely responsible for the approval of the loan has since resigned.

The scam was recently brought forward in a recent recall effort against Fournier, although last month a judge ruled all charges in the effort “factually and legally insufficient.”