City of Chehalis Removes Condemnation Notices From Yard Birds


In a Dec. 6 news release, the City of Chehalis announced the condemnation placards it placed on Yard Birds have been removed. 

“Issues that led to the condemnation have been resolved. The property owner has worked closely with the city, Lewis County PUD and Washington State Labor and Industry to bring the building back to compliance with the most pressing safety protocols,” stated the release.  

The release also stated the city is not involved in access related issues despite the placards being removed. Individuals seeking access to Yard Birds should contact the building’s owner, according to the city. 

The City of Chehalis previously filed a lawsuit against entities involved with the Yard Birds Shopping Center earlier this year after the mall failed to come into compliance with a number of city code violations.

Specifically, the lawsuit was filed against Peat LLC and R&D Research & Development LLC.

Tenants who had been renting storage space and operating businesses were given until midnight on Nov. 30 to vacate the building.

“Effective Dec. 1, 2022 at 12:01 a.m. you will be required to surrender possessions of the premises to the owner of the property,” read an excerpt from dozens of different eviction notices taped to the doors of Yard Birds  in early November.