City of Chehalis Declares April Child Abuse Awareness Month 


The first order of business during the Chehalis City Council’s Monday night meeting this week was a proclamation declaring April to be Child Abuse Awareness Month in the city. 

Jasmine Trent and Kassie Jadin from Family Education and Support Services were present to receive a copy of the proclamation from Chehalis Mayor Tony Ketchum. 

Ketchum stated the proclamation was made because the city recognized the importance of children to the future and said they deserve to grow up in healthy and safe environments. 

“Child abuse, neglect and other trauma are recognized as serious public health problems affecting both the current and future quality of life in our community,” Ketchum said. 

He wanted the community to ensure parents and caregivers had access to support, knowledge and concrete resources to promote the wellbeing of children. 

“Effective child abuse prevention strategies succeed because of partnerships among agencies, schools, religious organizations, law enforcement agencies, health care providers and the business communities,” said Ketchum. 

He called upon all Chehalis citizens to join together to increase public safety by preventing future child abuse. 

“Thank you on behalf of Family Education and Support Services for supporting child abuse awareness month,” Jadin said. 

Additionally, Family Education and Support Services brought blue plastic pinwheels for the city councilors to place in their yards and gardens during April as part of the city’s effort to promote child abuse awareness and prevention. 

“I still have all five of mine from last year,” Ketchum added. 

Family Education and Support Services is a nonprofit organization focused on stopping child abuse in the South Puget Sound region. For more information, visit