Chehalis Woman Arrested for Allegedly Defecating in Park, Exposing Herself to Juvenile 


A 45-year-old Chehalis woman was arrested in Centralia Friday after allegedly defecating in Fort Borst Park and exposing herself to a juvenile, according to the Centralia Police Department. 

Julie R. Dumar is also accused of kicking one police officer and grabbing another by the leg as they attempted to arrest her. 

Police responded at about 1:20 p.m. Friday to the 2000 block of Borst Avenue. 

Dumar was arrested for indecent exposure and  booked into the Lewis County Jail. She will likely make her first court appearance early next week.


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James Bundy

Another feral human unable to function in a society anywhere.

Saturday, September 11
Thalia Melpomene

There's no context here. Is she homeless? Do they have restrooms available to them, or are they all locked up as seems to the bright idea going around? Was an alternative to do it in the middle of Pearl Street? Did she intentionally expose herself, or was the child walking by or playing nearby? When you gotta gotta go! "Chronicle Staff" needs to tell the whole story instead of naming a person and then playing like they don't know they are being judge, jury and hangman. If she's homeless, it could so easily be ANY ONE OF US and maybe our time just hasn't come yet.

Sunday, September 12

No context needed. You literally have to go past the Safeway which has a bathroom open to the public. And that's only if the park bathrooms are indeed closed. No context? Please. Fighting the cops once they show up? Come on. I live near the park and have watch it go down hill. I for one am over this type of behavior.

Sunday, September 12
James Bundy

Thalia Melpomene, I worked and saved for decades, as did my wife. I invested prudently in the market and have a good sum, plus 401ks and pensions. We all make our choices. Hers seem to be poor ones. But, the rest of us don't need to see that or smell that. There are lots of jobs to be had, and work places have bathrooms. I have no sympathy for her and her grossness.

Sunday, September 12
Chronicle knows my name

Julie is best served by help from a mental hospital, and a locked drug rehab ward.. There are many bushes to answer the call of nature. She has been a nuisance to the police for years, with a long interstate criminal record. Have never seen anyone who can go from sweetness and light to serious attack mode so quickly. Centralia is better off without her. Get her help, stop pushing such as her into the woods will all the rest of the homeless, drug addicted, mentally ill, criminals, all those that offend the noses and eyes of the virtuous righteous upright "good citizens" of this town.

Sunday, September 12

I would say a prayer for her but what good would that do? I always feel stupid talking to myself.

Tuesday, September 14
Thalia Melpomene

Actually, context IS needed. For those of us who haven't had the pleasure of meeting her. I have been enlightened and agree with what all of you have said. My issue is with the way the Chronicle handles these stories. I think they write simply for these comments that generate extra views.

And still, I think we all need to be reminded how one mishap of our own could land us in the bushes. What will happen to all these "walking wounded" covid longhaulers once they have mortgaged their homes to pay for their continued medical bills and time off the job? What happens to the people who have lived by the rules, kept a job, etc. but are living month to month and then they get in a car wreck?

Thursday, September 16