Centralia Man Convicted for Sexually Assaulting Two Girls Charged With More Felonies After Third Victim Discloses Abuse 


A Centralia man convicted in 2019 for molesting two underage girls was charged with eight more felonies in Lewis County Superior Court on Monday after a third victim disclosed abuse.

The defendant, Torrey W. Raines, 37, was initially charged with six felony sex offenses in December 2018 after law enforcement responded to a report of child molestation at a residence in the 1000 block of Mellen Street, according to previous Chronicle reporting. 

Officers say a female teenager accused Raines of trapping her in a bedroom and raping her. A second teen alleged a series of molestations over a span of approximately a year.

Raines pleaded guilty to three of those six charges and was sentenced June 12, 2019, to 158 months in prison, according to documents filed in Lewis County Superior Court. 

As of Monday, his anticipated release date was in 2030. 

While that initial case was active, one of the two victims told investigators Raines had told them the name of a third victim, who was also an underage girl. 

Law enforcement interviewed the third potential victim several times in the intervening years and while she repeatedly “indicated she did not remember,” she “eventually disclosed details of what took place,” according to court documents. 

She accused Raines of sexually assaulting her repeatedly over several years, starting when she was five years old. 

Based on the information disclosed by the third alleged victim, the Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office filed new charges against Raines on Dec. 19, 2022. 

He was formally charged Monday with four class A felonies, three class B felonies and one class C felonies. 

A class A felony carries a maximum penalty of life in prison; a class B felony carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison; and a class C felony carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison. 

In order to ensure Raines stays in the Lewis County Jail through his Jan. 26 arraignment hearing, a Lewis County Superior Court judge set his bail at $100,000 on Monday.