Centralia Man Accused of Threatening to Stab Roommate, Slashing 15 to 20 Tires on Monday 


Bail has been set at $50,000 for a Centralia man accused of threatening to stab his roommate and slashing the tires of over a dozen vehicles parked in downtown Centralia on Monday. 

The allegations against Nicholas Arvid Mullins, 37, of Centralia, stem from two separate incidents that allegedly occurred in Centralia on April 25. 

The first incident reportedly occurred at Mullin’s residence on West Chestnut Street. Mullins is accused of standing 4 to 5 feet away from where his roommate was sitting in their shared residence on West Chestnut Street, taking out a pocket knife and telling his roommate “that if he stabbed him 10 times then they will be even,” according to court documents. 

The Centralia police officer who took the alleged victim’s statement noted that the victim’s hands were shaking. When asked if the shaking hands were due to the incident, the victim reportedly “said it was and he thought he was going to get stabbed,” according to court documents. 

The second incident reportedly occurred at a public parking lot in the 200 block of North Pearl Street. An officer initially responded to a vandalism complaint on Monday where a caller reported their tires had been slashed. Upon investigating the parking lot, the officer counted 13 parked vehicles with tire damage, according to court documents. A sergeant with the Centralia Police Department estimated the total damage to be roughly $3,000, based on the assumption that one tire costs $200. 

Officers attempted to contact Mullins in the 200 block of North Pearl Street at 8:55 p.m. on April 25 about the threatened stabbing case, but as they were approaching, Mullins allegedly admitted to slashing 15 to 20 tires, according to statements included in the police report and court records. One of the officers noted “Mr. Mullins (made) a face when he made that statement as if he had made a mistake,” according to court documents. 

Mullins was booked into the Lewis County Jail at 9:09 p.m. on April 25. He has since been charged with second-degree assault, domestic violence and second-degree malicious mischief. 

During the booking process, Mullins allegedly made several statements, “including, ‘I gave them a good jab,’ ‘they were just tires,’ ‘I was going to kill my roommate if I stayed one more night,’ ‘I was really going to stab him,’ and ‘I was really going to stab my roommate,” according to court documents. 

Mullins also provided an unprompted written statement that read, “I was about ready to stab my roommate, but I took it out on some tires instead,” according to court documents. 

Prior to the Centralia Police officer leaving the jail, Mullins allegedly “advised that if he does not get two years minimum, he would do it again,” according to court documents. 

That alleged statement to the officer was one of the reasons why Judge Joely Yeager granted Deputy Prosecutor Scott Jackson’s request for a $50,000 bail. 

“That doesn’t give the court a lot of confidence that if you were released, you would abide by court orders and remain law-abiding,” she said during Mullins’ preliminary hearing in Lewis County Superior Court on April 26. 

Mullins’ next scheduled court appearance is an arraignment hearing scheduled for April 28.