Centralia City Council Approves 79-Unit Subdivision on Centralia’s Waunch Prairie 


The Centralia City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to sign off on the planning commission’s request to approve a 79-unit subdivision development that will include the construction of 33 single-family homes and 46 townhome units at the end of East Roanoke Road on Centralia’s Waunch Prairie. 

The project will take place on a 15.91-acre property located along the Skookumchuck River. According to city documents, no development will take place within the floodplain or shoreline areas. 

Access to the East Roanoke development will come from private street expansions on Roanoke, Scott, Susan, Beach and Tacoma streets. Single homes will include two-car garages and townhomes will have a one-car garage with two additional spaces. 

The applicant has also proposed 4.74 acres of walkable open space along the shoreline and other open space areas that will be maintained by the established homeowners association. An old barn, which was moved, will remain as a common feature in the area.

The property will need to be annexed into city limits as part of city-recommended conditions of approval. 

While sidewalks are expected to be on one side of the street within the development, the developer won’t be required to add sidewalks from outside the development to nearby bus stops. 

Councilor Rebecca Staebler said that’s a concern given a development of this size. 

“I think that’s something we’re going to see in the housing assessment and requirements, is access to public transport wherever there is a concentrated development,” she said. 

The developer will be required to widen out the asphalt to Pearl Street.