Brummer, Bhagwandin Ahead in Lewis County Commissioner District 3 Race; Goble in Striking Distance in Third


In November, Lewis County voters are likely to be choosing between Harry O. Bhagwandin and Scott Brummer for their next representative from commissioner District 3, but Jodery (Jody) Goble is still trailing closely in third place. 

As of the most recent tally from the primary race, voted on by residents in district 3, Brummer had garnered 36% of the vote, with Bhagwandin earning 21.87%. Goble had earned 18.81%, meaning he was behind by only 64 votes.

“I don’t know what it means yet, because there are still 2,200 votes out there to count, so not really celebrating yet,” Bhagwandin said Tuesday. “I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next count.”

In fourth place Tuesday night was Pat Saldaña earning 15.26%, followed by Pete D. Krabbe getting 5.2%.

“I am very satisfied with the campaign that we ran, we did a good job reaching folks,” Brummer said on Tuesday night. “(We’ve been) working hard to let people know that I care about the community. I think that reflects in the voter total.”

Bhagwandin on Tuesday said the results were not a surprise considering the early results of the Lewis County Sheriff’s Race putting Rob Snaza ahead by 60.58% of the vote, as Snaza had previously endorsed Brummer. He added that in the general election, he will have his work cut out for him to beat Brummer.

“I am still in the game, and it ain’t over. I got some work to do … but I'm confident going into the general it’s going to be a tight race,” he said.

Goble could not be reached for comment before this story was published.

After the death of Lewis County Commissioner Gary Stamper last September, the county Republican Precinct Committee Officers sent three nominees for the remaining commissioners to choose from.

Of the three, Lee Grose — a Packwood resident who had previously held the seat — was chosen to serve the final year of Stamper’s term.

Once the November election is completed, the candidate county residents vote into office to represent Commission District 3 will take over for Grose immediately, rather than waiting to be sworn in the following January with most elected officials.

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