Bail set at $75,000 for man accused of assaulting woman holding baby in Toledo 


A man is facing multiple felony charges after he allegedly assaulted a woman in her Toledo home last week, beating her and chasing her with a knife while she was holding a baby. 

Bail is set at $75,000 and arraignment is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 21. 

The man, identified as Joshua D. Harris, 23, of Vader, is accused of showing up at the woman’s residence in Toledo on Wednesday, Sept. 13, and punching her repeatedly while she was holding a 6-month-old girl, according to court documents. Harris is also accused of preventing the woman from calling the police, telling her “she was not going anywhere or calling anyone” when she tried to use her phone, and throwing her to the ground before going to the kitchen to grab a “large kitchen knife,” according to court documents. 

Harris allegedly told her “It’s time to play, b**ch,” then “chased her with the knife while holding it up and in front of him.” 

The woman reported she “was able to kick the knife away from Harris then she fled the residence,” according to court documents. 

A neighbor later reported seeing the woman, who they said was “all lumped up,” run from the residence, followed by Harris, who “came out of the house yelling and screaming.” 

The woman reported the incident to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, Sept. 15, telling law enforcement she hesitated to report it earlier “due to her being scared and wanting to get away from Harris.” She reportedly filed for a protection order through the court and was told to make a police report, according to court documents. 

When interviewing the woman, a deputy noted the “entire right side of her face was completely bruised and swollen” and she was “grimacing and adjusting her position, signifying she was in pain,” during the interview.  

Court documents did not indicate whether the 6-month-old girl the woman was holding during the assault sustained any injuries from the incident. 

On Saturday, Sept. 16, Harris reportedly contacted dispatch “saying he heard the police were looking for him,” according to court documents. Harris was arrested and booked into the Lewis County Jail just before 3:10 p.m. on Sept. 16. He has since been charged with one count each of domestic violence second-degree assault, domestic violence fourth-degree assault, third-degree malicious mischief and interfering with domestic violence reporting.