Anonymous Donor Arranges Burial for Stillborn Baby Found by Washington Highway


A stillborn baby abandoned in a garbage bag by the side of Interstate 82 will be getting a funeral.

When a family heard the girl's body was discovered west of Richland on March 6, they took it on themselves to make sure she had a funeral, Benton County Coroner Bill Leach told the Herald.

The family, which wants to remain anonymous, contacted a Tri-Cities funeral home and arranged for the burial. The funeral home offered to hold the services for free.

Once they had everything prepared, the family contacted Leach, who also was ready to pay the costs.

"It totally took me by surprise," Leach said. "I don't mind being blindsided when it's something good."

He said others have also reached out offering donations.

Benton County sheriff's detectives are continuing to investigate how the 30-week-old fetus ended up at the on-ramp to Interstate 182 from Interstate 82.

A cleanup crew for the Department of Ecology contractor found her.

Investigators are using DNA and evidence at the scene in an attempt to find the parents.

Anyone with possible information about the baby is asked to call Detective CJ Conner at 509-735-6555, Ext. 7203, or by email at