Algiers Road Permanently Closed in Yelm


Algiers Road, which connects Creek Street to Northeast Plaza Drive Southeast, permanently closed on Wednesday, Dec. 10. 

Construction blocks were placed at both ends of Algiers Road, as well as other entrances to the street near CrossFit Yelm and 911 Driving School.

Yelm Public Works Director Cody Colt said Algiers Road is privately owned.

Colt said prior to the road closure, the owners of Algiers Road offered to donate the side street to the City of Yelm.

Colt said the city looked into it, but declined the offer due to the state of the roadway, which features some deep potholes that could potentially damage vehicles. 

In order for the city to take on the road, Colt said the only requirement would be to ensure acceptable accessibility for emergency vehicles, which the road does not currently offer. 

He added that if the city opted to take on the ownership of the street, it would have needed to upgrade it to reach the City of Yelm’s standards. 

“We wouldn’t have been able to take over that road without bringing it up to city standards,” Colt said. “That’s why it is a private road. It wasn’t up to city standards.”

Businesses located near Algiers Road include the United States Postal Service and CrossFit Yelm. Both businesses are accessible from Creek Street.