After Certification, Here’s How Lewis County Elections Shook Out


The Lewis County Auditor’s Office has officially completed ballot tallying and certified the results of the local Nov. 8 general election. 

This year, out of the county’s 54,557 registered voters, 36,244 ballots were counted, amounting to a local turnout of 66.43%, according to the Nov. 29 county certification. Ninety-nine precincts in Lewis County participated in the election. Statewide election results will be certified by the Secretary of State by Dec. 8.

Many countywide races went to incumbents who ran unopposed. Those officials are Auditor Larry Grove, Coroner Warren McLeod, Prosecuting Attorney Jonathan Meyer, Treasurer Arny Davis and District Court judges Wade Samuelson and R.W. Buzzard. In alphabetical order, here’s how the contested Lewis County elections shook out:


Ross Nielson, R-Winlock, beat opponent Tom Crowson, R-Napavine, by around 2,000 of the total 30,026 votes cast. Nielson earned 52.72% of the vote, while Crowson came up with 45.75%.


Incumbent Scott Tinney took 57.29% of the vote as his challenger, Linda Williams, earned 41.47%. Both ran as Republicans and 31,039 total votes were counted in the race. Tinney won by nearly 5,000 votes.

County Commissioner, District 3

Scott Brummer, R-Winlock took 58.67% to oust opponent Harry Bhagwandin, R-Onalaska, who earned 40.32% of the total 31,733 votes. Brummer finished the race with about 5,800 more votes than Bhagwandin. District 3 represents most of southern and eastern Lewis County.

Public Utility District Commissioner, District 3

After both beat out incumbent Tim Cournyer in the primary, Mike Hadaller and Kevin Emerson, both of Salkum, were the two competitors for the commissioner to represent south and east Lewis County on the board of the PUD. Hadaller earned 53.12% of the vote to win it, while Emerson took 46.49%. In total, 26,763 votes were cast in the race, with Hadaller garnering 1,801 more than his opponent.


Incumbent Rob Snaza was re-elected with 53.39% of the vote as challenger Tracy Murphy took 45.88%. Both ran as Republicans in what became Lewis County’s most voted-in local election. In total, 33,928 votes were counted. Snaza took around 2,500 more than Murphy.

To see the final, certified results for Lewis County online, visit