Abandoned Coins, Jewelry and More up for Auction by Washington State Agency


Collectors can bid on a variety of abandoned treasures in a Washington state safe deposit box auction through Nov. 17.

Over 3,500 items are up for auction, including collectible coins, gold and silver jewelry, artwork, sports memorabilia, stamps and more rarities, according to a news release from the state Department of Revenue. The auction even includes an 1860 campaign button for Abraham Lincoln, featuring his portrait.

The Department of Revenue will auction off the items in conjunction with James G. Murphy Co. Bidders can peruse the items online by visiting Murphy's website.

Alternatively, bidders can view the items in person by going to 18226 88th Ave. NE in Kenmore from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nov. 15 and 16. Representatives will be available in person to answer any questions about the items, according to the news release.

All the auction items were left unclaimed in safe deposit boxes. Financial institutions turned the items over to the state after losing contact with their owners who failed to pay rental fees, according to the news release.

Property owners have five years to claim property turned over the state. Once that period passes, state law requires the Department of Revenue to auction off the items. This latest auction will be the state's 16th since 1983.

The state holds all cash proceeds from the auction, not including auction and bank fees, for the original owner or their heir to claim. The state does not profit from the auction, according to the release.

Owners of unclaimed property can look up their name on the Department of Revenue's Unclaimed Property website, claimyourcash.org. Items can still be claimed by original owners if the items have not been auctioned off yet.