1B District 1-4 South Football All-League Teams


Led by two separate MVPs and the Coach of the Year and a plethora of other first team all-league selections, the No. 4 Mossyrock football team made out well at the all-league meetings as voted on by coaches in Districts 1-4 in 1B football. 

Mossyrock quarterback Easton Kolb was named co-offensive MVP along with Naselle’s Kolten Lindstrom, Sage Greisen won defensive MVP honors, and coach Eric Ollikainen was named Coach of the Year. 

Read the full list of honorees below. 

Co-Offensive MVPs: Easton Kolb, Mossyrock; Kolten Lindstrom, Naselle

Defensive MVP: Sage Greisen, Mossyrock

Coach of the Year: Eric Ollikainen, Mossyrock

First Team: Jacob Lindstrom, Naselle, QB; Aron Ortiz, Muckleshoot Tribal, QB; Sage Greisen, Mossyrock, RB; Martin Reyes, Muckleshoot Tribal, RB; Keegan Kolb, Mossyrock, WR; Jack Strange, Naselle, WR; Chad Millan-Moses, Muckleshoot Tribal, WR; Hunter Isom, Mossyrock, OL; Elmer Toftemark, Naselle, OL; Cameron Kuberth, Mossyrock, OL; Kamiakin Offord, Muckleshoot Tribal, OL; Marshall Brockway, Mossyrock, DL; Austin Allen, Winlock, DL; Kolten Lindstrom, Naselle, DL; Noah Weaver, Sound Christian, DL; Elmer Toftemark, Naselle, LB; Luke Cooper, Mossyrock, LB; Zack McKnight, Sound Christian, LB; Easton Kolb, Mossyrock, DB; Keegan Kolb, Mossyrock, DB; Luke Johnson, Naselle, DB; Scott Henington, Naselle, K; Zach McKnight, Sound Christian, P; 

Second Team: Eddie Klatush, Oakville, QB; Jack Pittenger, Evergreen Lutheran, QB; Marshall Brockway, Mossyrock, RB; Luke Johnson, Naselle, RB; Daniel Rodas, Oakville, WR; Kona Resseau, Sound Christian, WR; Haezen Cayenne, Oakville, WR; Jay Crow, Winlock, OL; Xavier Barragan, Winlock, OL; Enrique Rivas, Oakville, OL; William Anderson, Naselle, OL; Chris Vaomu, Muckleshoot Tribal, DL; Jeremy Wilbur, Oakville, DL; William Anderson, Naselle, DL; Jack Pittenger, Evergreen Lutheran, LB; Donovan Heredia, Muckleshoot Tribal, LB; Haezen Cayenne, Oakville, LB; Jack Strange, Naselle, DB; Payton Sickles, Winlock, DB; Evan Thompson, Muckleshoot Tribal, DB; 

Honorable Mention: Payton Sickles, Winlock, QB; Zach McKnight, Sound Christian, QB; Kaden Perkins, Winlock, RB; Caiden Burke, Naselle, OL; Donovan Heredia, Muckleshoot Tribal, OL; Hunter Isom, Mossyrock, LB; Carson Borts, Winlock, LB; James Cusson, Winlock, LB; Chase Scofield, Winlock, DB; Gio Rodas, Oakville, DB;