Walsh’s Foreclosure Bill Passes Unanimously From House


Aberdeen Republican Rep. Jim Walsh’s bill to limit foreclosures on homeowners who are late on payments to common interest communities (CICs) passed unanimously from the state House this week. CICs include homeowner associations, condominiums, cooperatives, plat communities and other associations.

Under House Bill 1482, the Washington Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act would be altered to prohibit such associations from foreclosing on a homeowner unless the owner owes three or more months of payments or $200 (whichever is greater); the association provides a notice of delinquency after 90 days of missed payments; or those three months of payments are 180 days passed due.

“We’ve all occasionally heard the horror stories in the media about individuals who end up losing a condo or a home in an HOA or condo over a trivial amount of money that’s in dispute,” Walsh said in a statement. “My bill gives homeowners some protection while they get current on payments in arrears.”

In public testimony for the bill, supporters said the bill would encourage repayment and protect owners while maintaining the integrity of community associations.

The bill has not yet been scheduled for a public hearing in the Senate.