Eighth Grade


Eden Engel, Sawyer Marshall


3.51 to 3.99

Bryce Bersinger, Dawson Cramer, Karessa Daily, Olivia Dalmeny, Ashton Demarest, Natalie Fontenot, Grace Gall, Silvia Gonzalez, James Grose, Conner Holmes, Clayton Jewell, Xander Johnson, Caden Mikota, Macaiden Murphy, Braydon Olson, Jarin Prather, Grayson Rushton, Luke Slagle, Edith Stratis, Anna Thompson, Roberto Vasquez, Jordyn Watson, Kassandra Watts, Jenna Williams


3.25 to 3.5

Nikkolena Ahmann, Owen Biggers, Briza Contreras, Justin Davidson, Gabe Dickinson, Cadance Jacques, Case Jeg, Ignacio Sevilla-Moctezuma, Cael Stanley

3.0 to 3.24

Lexi-Rose Alvord, Ryan Colburn, Keira O’Neill, Gracie Peters, Marvic Sandoval Amador, Diego Solis, Phillip Thomas


Seventh Grade

3.5 to 3.99

Jaynalee Anders, Mason Ball, Amanda Bennett, Kaleah Daily, Haley Gallagher, Elissa Gilbert, Maesen Griffith, Samuel Jaimes, Ji Emily Kang, Cayle Kelly, Jessie McCoy, Landon McNamara, Jazmen Norman, Nahomi Ruedas-Guido, Pablo Ruedas-Guido, Colin Shields, Emma Stewart, Adin Stratton


3.25 to 3.5

Harper Dunn, Faith Eslick, Savannah Johnson, Anthony Lopez, Austin Lyons, Diego Martinez, Lillian Massey, Logan Ulmer, Daniel Webster


3.0 to 3.24

Ethan Barber, Arielle Barnhart, Jadon Hanson, Lillian Harrolle, Jadin Landry, Jasa Murphy, Jack Nelson, Colton Spain, Mirella Vasquez

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