The following couples recently applied for a marriage license at the Lewis County Courthouse:

• Corbin Mitchell Joner, 30, and Christin May Nilius, 23, both of Winlock

• Sebastian T. Ortiz, 22, and Soraya Andrea Ramon, 18, both of Toledo

• Jeremy Ryan Galpin, 30, and Ellysa Angeline Langer, 28, both of Centralia

• Christipher Jayms Hand, 30, and Kylleen Gwen Robinson, 24, both of Chehalis

• Michael James Nuesse, 30, and Natalie Jo Smith, 24, both of Polson, Montana

• Jessi Lynne Guthrie, 37, and James Decator Gunter, 39, both of Onalaska

• Rose Anne Hauer, 27, and Colby James McClanahan, 26, both of Tenino

• Daniel Joe Elliott, 60, and Maria Jo Rielly, 47, both of Chehalis

• Michael Andrew Schofield, 23, Tumwater, and Brooke Michele Warren, 24, Olympia

• Isariah John Florez, 20, Centralia, and Gillian Rose Holgate, 19, Chehalis

• Sheldon Karl Schweers, 58, and Janis Aal Whitish, 59, both of Glenoma

• John Lawrence McNelly Jr., 55, and Kay Lou Nelson, 51, both of Winlock

• Jose Luis Nino Garduno, 23, and Maranda Paramo, 19, both of Centralia

• Juan Luis Zaldivar, 44, and Adelaida Lima Sanches, 45, both of Centralia

• John Hal Strong, 63, and Teresa A. Freeman, 63, both of Onalaska

• Marcus Alan Church, 31, and Ashley Ann Svenson, 28, both of Onalaska

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