Napavine Girls Basketball Team Thanks Backers

The Napavine Lady Tigers have finished an incredible basketball season, and although we finished nine points short of our goal, we are very grateful and proud of our second-place finish in the state B tournament.

We would like to thank the Napavine administration for its support; Mr. Craig and the awesome Napavine Pep Band, (one of the best at state); the cheerleaders; Jarod and Jordan Weichel, who we could count on for anything and everything; and Meri Hemre, who has done an incredible job as our scorekeeper for the last four years.

Our fan base was fantastic! You could count on them at home games, away games, district games and there they were at state in Spokane! They bought our T-shirts, and supported every fundraiser we had. Thank you so much for your support. We will never forget your belief in us and being a part of our dream.

Radio Station KMNT and their sports announcers, Bobby Jackson and Bob Dow, thank you for broadcasting and bringing the games back to Lewis County. You did an outstanding job and made listeners feel like they were right there in Spokane, with us. Thank you to the many sponsors who made those broadcasts possible.

Our thanks to The Chronicle sports department’s Aaron VanTuyl for the great coverage. Amazing pictures were taken by sports photographers Pete Caster, Branden Hansen Chris Johnson and Susan Landram. Thank you for capturing moments we will cherish forever.

We are so fortunate in Napavine to have an amazing booster club that supports all athletic programs in our middle and high schools. We would like to thank them for everything they do. Napavine Booster Club is incredible!

Our parents are the most amazing parents ever! Basketball is a long season and our dream was a big dream that required a lot of work. Our parents were positive, supporting and always there for us. They never gave up and always believed. Tasha, Brody, Beckett and Piper, thank you for being at all our games and for being such a supportive basketball family.

Lastly, we would like to thank our coaches Kristen, Kali and Jeremy for always pushing us every day to become a better team. We appreciate everything you have done for us. We have grown not only as basketball players but as individuals and truly understand the meaning of “team.”

Jeremy, thank you for the time and the effort that you have put into the Napavine girls’ basketball program. You are the best!

Napavine Lady Tigers

 basketball team

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