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Frosted Flake

The standard church window is a peaked arch. I'd like to see that pool covered by a translucent peaked arch. Round on the South end. Flat, and aluminum, on the North end. With a temperature controlled vent on the peak.


I think it's time to do something for the children and families in our community...especially when it could save lifes of children, and what could be more important than that


How much of your tax dollars goes to Thorbeckes pool? Do you want to pay for 2 pools. Someone correct me please. I was told, so now it’s heresay, the city pays $10,000.00 a month to support the pool at Thorbeckes.


Does that mean it would stop supporting the pool at Thorbeckes?


Just what we need. Another tax hike...


The last thing we need is another tax...maybe use some of the tax dolllars the city already is collecting from the people on the people...


I'm for the city supporting the outdoor pool with tax dollars they already have collected from the taxpayers, the taxes collected by the city are supposed to go for the needs of the citizens to begin with...for once use our tax dollars on the citizens needs...maybe city employees should start paying co-payments and deductibles on their health insurance like everyone else does, instead of expecting the citizens to pay for it, since it costs the taxpayers over $800 dollars a month for each city employee to have health insurance and at no cost to them at all.

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