Let's Take About It podcast, Feb. 10: District 4 basketball tourney preview

Aaron and Kilgore are joined by a wild cast of characters for a long, weird District 4 2B basketball preview. Former Mossyrock standout Tristan Watson, two-time state champion Kaleb Poquette (Morton-White Pass), and former Pe Ell coach Justin Phelps join the pod to tell stories.

2:30 - Kilgore got a ticket on the way to Pe Ell

5:30 - District 4 2B girls tournament bracket breakdown

15:30 - shout out to Mrs Phelps

16:00 - Kilgore’s Yao Ming pea coat

19:00 - C2BL All-League awards

23:00 - No phone service in Adna

24:00 - panelists’ playoff resumes

26:30 - Breaking down the District 4 2B boys bracket

29:30 - Wahkiakum: tough place to play

32:00 - Ocosta?

34:00 - How much can Kilgore bench?

35:00 - Thursday’s D4 games

39:00 - NWC?

47:00 - The Pe Ell/Valley party lines

58:00 - LCA?

1:09:45 - Kilgore breaks the rules

1:12 - District 4 finals preview

1:17 - 2015 district championship game was pretty cool

1:22 - District 4 title game atmosphere

1:33 - Spokane memories

1:38 - best Spokane dunks

1:52 - Yakima chatter

1:54 - “Remember some guys” from the 2015 district tournament program

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