The following couples recently applied for a marriage license at the Lewis County Courthouse:

• Molly O’Dele King, 25, and Brent Garrett Erwin, 30, both of Centralia

• Donald Vernon Smith, 35, and Melissa Nicole Fry, 35, both of Vader

• Kenneth Ross Hermanson, 31, and Dahkota Shay Brady, 26, both of Chehalis

• Nathan Emory Eldredge, 36, and Khristine Cuer Parcero, 21, both of Toledo

• Jordan Michael Smith, 28, and Shannon Addie McLeod, 25, both of Chehalis

• Chase Alexander Beyer, 22, and Kayla M. Weber, 26, both of Morton

• Kory D. Alexander, 28, and Indigo Egan, 26, both of Centralia

• Blazzen Chauncey Lee White, 24, and Kearsten Carol Ann Decker, 25, both of Centralia

• Alexander Paul Ross, 27, and Alysa Marie Hanen, 25, both of Chehalis

• Ray Dale Simpson, 55, and Thelma Bertina Joyce, 52, both of Centralia

• John Mark Randall, 58, Olympia, and Tanya Dee Oldenburg, 57, Centralia

• Cole Brian Adams, 20, Vancouver, Washington, and Laurna Rae White, 19, Rochester

• Jacob Tyler Arth, 27, and Karlee K. Pearson, 22, both of Centralia

• William Gene Pike, 30, and Danielle Marie Reese, 28, both of Warrenton, Oregon

• Kenneth Brent Mansfield, 30, and Sara Mansurg, 21, both of Rancho Santa Margarita, California

• Jeffrey M. Garcia, 49, and Lisa Ann Falkner, 51, both of Oakville

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