‘Freak Twister’ Hits Chehalis in 1962

On March 8, 1962, a “freak twister” touched down in Chehalis, causing damage to a greenhouse and a grocery store sign.

“A unique ‘twister’ that sounded more like a freight train roaring by, whipped a narrow swath between Sixth and Eighth Streets on Market at 10 a.m. today in Chehalis and caused heavy damage to a large Safeway Store sign and Benny’s greenhouses,” The Daily Chronicle wrote.

“More than 1,500 panes of glass were knocked out of Ted and Al Benny’s greenhouses. The entire end of one greenhouse on Eighth Street was blown out with glass scattering over a side area on adjacent streets.

“Three automobiles on a Safeway parking lot were moved by the heavy wind. One witness said he saw an automobile lifted several feet above the ground. Henry Meyer, Safeway store manager, said he saw brick on the street which must have come from a chimney in the area. Meyer estimated damage to his sign at $500.”

Cougar Still Alive After Eating Strychnine

In 1887

The Lewis County Bee reported a cougar was still alive, event after eating poison.

“A cougar, that has been using on coal creek, killed a large hog from J. A.Taylor a few nights ago,” the newspaper wrote. “He ate two doses of strychnine, but did not conclude to die as since that time he was bayed by dogs.”

Bible Is 184 Years Old

In 1912

Two local men had old Bibles, one was 184 years ago, another 175.

“Following the announcement yesterday that J.P. Munson, a local mill builder, is in possession of a Bible 175 years old, W.F. Toles stated this morning that he has a Bible 184 years old, the book having been printed in Switzerland in 1728. The book is printed in German, the language of the Swiss, and is bound in leather-covered wood, clasped with brass. The book has been handed down from generation in the Toles family, and is valued highly by the present owner.”

Toledo Pioneer Dies

In 1937

Mrs. Eliza Shultz, 83, Toledo, died after a long illness.

She had married Isaac W.Shultz in Kansas. They came to Washington in 1887, by crossing the plains with a horse team on the old Oregon Trail.

“She was one of the earliest pioneers of the Layton prairie district, was active in many community affairs for several years, and especially so in Red Cross work during the World War (I),” The Centralia Daily Chronicle wrote.

She was a charter member of Toledo O.E.S. No. 106 and of Montrose Rebekah Lodge No. 46, instituted in Toledo 44 years before. Two of her daughters lived in Knab, and two in Toledo.

‘Biscuits and Gravy’ Sign Posted at Drug Store

In 1987

Chehalis Rexall Drugs, 510 N. Market Blvd., posted a sign “Best Biscuits and Gravy in Town” in their window.

“Everyone who stopped in to ask about ‘the best biscuits and gravy in town,” Ken Heaton, Rexall store owner, gave the shopper a little piece of paper good for a free cup of coffee with order of biscuits and gravy and sent the person to Dave Peterson at the Depot Restaurant down at the end of the block,” The Daily Chronicle reported.

“Ken and Dave dreamed up the idea one day last week while eating lunch together. They figured it would be a good cross promotion idea and help both of them out in their businesses.

“To make it more fun, Peterson painted a big sign on his window this week that says, ‘Our Biscuits and Gravy are better than Chehalis Rexall’s.’”

It’s been a lot of fun” said Peterson who pointed out he has gotten a lot of response from this marketing gimmick with about 75 or 80 customers who already have taken advantage of the offer.

Wienermobile Comes to Chehalis

In 2002

The famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, a red and yellow fiberglass vehicle, stopped at Shop’n Kart and downtown Chehalis and gave out red Wienerwhistles.

Retriever Retrieved by Rescuers

In 2007

Lewis County Fire District 2 firefighters rescued a 7-month-old brown Labrador retriever from under a dock.

Chief Grant Wittbank said the puppy named Tank was clinging to a flotation tire under the dock and would not let go. The dog had 3 inches of breathing space. After being unsuccessful in coaxing him out, the fireman pried up two of the dock’s planks and the animal climbed out, “then he got us all wet when he shook himself off,” Wittbank added.

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