Wish List

Stephanie Bartholomew, 61, in her home in Centralia.

The requests are as simple as they are inexpensive. 

Dog food. A pair of shoes. A winter coat. 

These are just a few of the items on the “wish list” of area seniors and others in need published by The Chronicle last Thursday through a long-running partnership with the Lewis-Mason-Thurston Agency on Aging. 

Area Agency on Aging Releases Holiday Wish List

Every year around Thanksgiving, the agency compiles the list of simple wishes and provides the community with an opportunity to make an area senior in need just a little more comfortable as the holiday season unfolds. 

These are folks with very little or no expendable income who otherwise would go without basic necessities. 

Their requests are a far cry from the expensive and elaborate gifts many of us will be purchasing for family and friends this holiday season, and each of them will likely create an even greater amount of joy and contentment — both for the person who gives and the person who receives. 

“The Wish List is important to me because it brings light, joy and assistance to persons who can use the cheer at this dark, cold, wet and sometimes sad time of year,” said Marla Lund, part of a team of case managers who work to make the Wish List a reality, told The Chronicle recently.  “Helping when times are hard to add a little light is very rewarding.”

The list remains available for viewing at https://bit.ly/34EGZcM. 

Consider filling one — or more — of these very simple requests and know that doing so will go a long way in helping a community member to a happier holiday season. 


Wish List

To make a tax-deductible donation to one of these families or to the general Special Assistance Fund, call 360-748-2524, ext. 201 in Lewis County. Call the office to see if a client on the Wish List is still available before purchasing items for them. If the individual has already been helped, staff can direct you to others with specific needs.  

All new and unwrapped donations (gift bags work well) must be received during drop off dates and times no later than Dec. 12 to ensure delivery to the clients by Christmas. 

Donations can be dropped off at the Area Agency on Aging 1651 S. Market Blvd, Chehalis. Donation drop off dates are as follows: Monday, Dec. 2, Tuesday, Dec. 3, Friday, Dec. 6, Monday, Dec. 9, Tuesday, Dec. 10, Wednesday, Dec. 11 and Thursday, Dec 12.

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