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I am overwhelmed with gratitude and thanksgiving. I am grateful for the honor of serving as the superintendent of the Centralia School District. I am thankful for the dedication and work of our staff, the flexibility and partnership of our families and the support and pride of our community. These strengths, working together, will create a district of excellence that helps our students, our district and our community thrive.

This pandemic has created unprecedented, challenging and stressful times. At the same time, this pandemic presents us with an opportunity. It is an opportunity for us to work as a team in support of our children.  

Please join our team by making our children a priority. No matter our individual personal beliefs, we can work together so we can safely get and keep our students in school. You are part of our team: please mask up, socially distance, and limit social gatherings.  

Working as a team we can and will not only survive this pandemic, as a community and a school district, we will thrive. Thank you for joining our team and supporting our students. 

I am thankful for the honor of serving as your superintendent.


Lisa Grant


Centralia School District

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Good luck. Until we have an effective medical reply to this pandemic, that's where you're pinning your hopes. Luck. Maybe none of your kids will get this thing. Maybe they won't spread it like fire. Maybe more of you won't die from it. If you're lucky.

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