Every Saturday, I start thinking, “I wonder what the Kid Scoop will be?”

Then, I am deeply saddened to remember that you removed the Kid Scoop from The Chronicle. I beseech you to bring it back. Otherwise all the kids of Lewis County will be deprived of word searches with hidden messages, find-and-correct-the-errors, Madlibs, and the jewel of the Kid Scoop — the Kid Scoop Puzzler!

We will be forced to say goodbye to Thrifty and Fritter! Goodbye to “What a character.” Goodbye to the joke! Goodbye to find-the-hidden-pictures!

I hope to see Kid Scoop again as soon as possible! If you are running low on ideas for future Kid Scoops, use these: 

Tigers, desserts around the world, wolves: beautiful but endangered, chess: The centuries old logic game, escape rooms and how they work, summer crafts, Ramadan and Eid: The Muslim holidays and Holy Month, newts, crossword puzzles. Please do whatever it takes to bring back Kid Scoop!


A.G. Alimarri, 10 years


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Here’s a thought, Chronicle: Why don’t you quit changing the format and content of our paper without asking the readers? When you do this, it shows in perfectly clear terms what you think of the readership. Do you imagine there are no alternatives to your rag?

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