Letter to the Editor

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Since we are now going to impeach President Trump a second time, who can we vilify next? 

Trump has been the focus and target of Democratic attacks before he was elected, and now to the very end and beyond. 

President Trump addressed illegal immigration, built a wall on the border to strengthen it, boosted the economy so that more jobs were created and more people employed than ever before, brought a level of peace and negotiation in the Middle East that had been aspired to by many of our previous presidents, but he is the "worst, most hateful, and terrible" president we have ever had. 

Somehow, I don't understand. 

Do I believe President Biden will continue to keep the borders secure, or continue to improve the peace action in the Middle East, or create a thriving economy? No, I think he will do just the opposite, and drag the country down to Democratic levels of hate, racism and division that seems to be their agenda. 

Continue to be patriotic and American in spite of the possible future.


Paul Meyers