As I listened to the impeachment proceedings today I was struck by the number of Republican representatives that insisted that there was not sufficient evidence to impeach the president. Donald Trump has handled the requests for written documents and testimony from his staff in the same way he handled problems in his business and court requests for his financial records. In his business he delayed and stalled lawsuits with claims against him by using a string of lawyers to tie up the cases in court. He is now using our attorney general along with white house lawyers paid by taxpayers to back his ploy to evade producing any damning testimony. 

This absolute refusal to cooperate with Congressional requests has not been seen in this countries’ history. The behavior exhibited by Mr. Trump aligns more closely with that of a monarch or dictator than any American president.

Myself, along with many other independents do not hate President Trump but do hate the way he has used the power of his office against interests of the United States. Under President Trump America has lost its reputation for dependability and fairness. Our country has become the butt of jokes other nations share amongst themselves.

There seems to be two reasons that Republicans follow him, they are either wealthy recipients of his financial or political largess or they are part of the other 99 percent that have been led down the primrose path paved by his propaganda machine. Where has the “moral majority” gone? How can the party of “family values” stand up for a man with no morals?


Doug Findley


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"Where has the “moral majority” gone? How can the party of “family values” stand up for a man with no morals?"

Remember when candidate Trump mocked the disabled journalist? That wasn't a problem for the general readership of this paper. Morality hasn't been their measure of success in a very long time.

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