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I want to make two comments about the story in The Chronicle on April 4, “Twin Transit Donates $10,000 to Chamber Of Commerce For First Responders Gear”.

First, on March 27 when the photo was taken, the public was being told not to wear masks and to absolutely leave/save/donate any N95 masks for use by first responders and people caring for others.  Yet all six of the people in the photo were wearing what appear to be N95 masks.

Those people pictured in their masks were not following the then current recommendations.  Why were they wearing masks, where did they get the masks and why were those masks not donated to first responders instead? In this case, the people that want us to donate are setting a very poor example.

Second, Twin Transit is largely funded by sales tax. Twin Transit is getting too much tax money if they have $10,000 extra to donate. Their budget should be reevaluated immediately.

I have no problem with spending tax dollars on supplies for first responders. However, there is something seriously wrong if Twin Transit can take our tax dollars for transit and then donate them to something else.

What the Chamber Of Commerce is doing in collecting protective gear for first responders is admirable. I do not think they should be accepting tax dollars that Twin Transit disguised as a donation. 

Terri Pope


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just a guess but could it be the masks were their own personal masks that they had?? and also I found this on their website https://twintransit.org/2020/03/30/twin-transit-donation-supports-chamber-of-commerce-first-responder-efforts/ or maybe given at the place they were at..

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