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As a county commissioner in Grays Harbor, I have had the privilege of serving with Edna for many years, even before she was a commissioner. I know of no other local elected official that truly serves the public like Edna. She’s seen out and about everywhere in Lewis County — she is that involved. Edna loves people, enjoys serving her community and working for Lewis County. It is for these reasons and many others, I offer my deepest support to Commissioner Edna Fund in her re-election bid for Lewis County Commissioner, District 1. 

During the past several years, Edna and I have worked side-by-side to make things better for our counties. We serve together on the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority and the state’s Chehalis Basin Board working to protect people, property, businesses and our environment. We meet multiple times per month and Edna is an effective leader in her role to work to reduce flooding and mitigate flood damage. Edna has met year after year with our legislative representatives, ensuring the people in the Chehalis Basin are heard and their needs are addressed. 

Edna and I have been part of a five-county behavioral health organization since its inception in 2016. Behavioral health issues in our region are extremely challenging, yet Edna continues to address the needs of her constituents with compassion, knowledge and respect. As we continue to try to do more with limited resources, Edna remains steadfast in  her desire to assist those with mental illness and in vulnerable circumstances. 

While I could list many other boards and accomplishments Edna and I have seen come to fruition, it is most important for me to convey that Commissioner Edna Fund is one who doesn’t sit and watch, she gets things done! She is greatly respected by her peers and not only deserves to be reelected, it’s imperative that she is reelected. Lewis County needs Edna — her knowledge of government, the state, local and regional relationships she’s cultivated, and her history of working with others to further progress for Lewis County and our region. 

This is a very important election. Remember to vote and drop off or mail in your ballot promptly. 

I encourage you to vote for Edna Fund, a proven leader who listens and works for you.



Vickie Raines

Grays Harbor County

Commissioner, Cosmopolis

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Edna is a nice lady with lots of friends (many of them out in force in a letter-writing campaign to the paper), but her time as both the Centralia City councilor and County Commissioner shows that she has no self-control when it comes to spending public money, she hasn't exactly been a friend to the local Senior Centers and was one of the Lewis County Historical Museum board members when their $476K endowment went "pfft" over three years. Again, Edna's a nice lady and when it comes to handling your tax dollars and getting actual results (as opposed to "working on issues"), if friendship more important that competence, then by all means you should vote for her. After all, it's only money...your money.

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