I can no longer ignore my exasperation concerning the upcoming Presidential election. How in God’s name can the good people of this nation continue to support our President?

This man has made every effort to dismantle the fabric of our society. He has appointed foxes to guard the hen houses of every cabinet department, many of whom come from the very industries that have been regulated by the departments they are now in charge of.

President Donald Trump has made America the laughing stock among the world’s nations. What induces us to stand behind a man who cannot open his mouth without lying? Why would anyone want to do business or associate with someone who cannot be trusted, has no values and cannot maintain a position on anything?

Anyone who professes to follow the teachings of Jesus and also supports Mr. Trump is a hypocrite. Though Jesus preached forgiveness, he also asked that we repent of our sins. Has Donald Trump ever apologized for any of his acts of calculated evil?

That Trump is a puppet of Mr. Putin is indisputable. He believes Putin’s denial of Russia’s well documented meddling in our election over the facts supplied by every one of our intelligence agencies. He has taken funds our Congress designated for military aid to the Ukraine to help them fend off further Russian aggression and diverted them to pay for his “Great Wall.” He has outed a high-level Russian who was a long time source of vital inside information and put that man and his family in imminent danger. We were forced to extract them to safety and lose any future intelligence he could have supplied.  

To ignore this behavior in a trade for Supreme Court appointments he has made placing men with fundamentalist agendas in power is a devil’s bargain.

The President is blatantly pilfering great wealth from our military budget, ordering our Air Force to refuel at a commercial airport in Scotland, and boarding airmen in his nearby resort.

I could go on for much longer but doubt that there would be column space for it. 


Doug Findley


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Thank you.


Only at the end, when it’s too late, do you understand why religion has no place in government. You republicans have state governments trying to exact the death penalty for women seeking an abortion. Explain, Republicans, how that is in any way different from our ISIS friends.


"Anyone who professes to follow the teachings of Jesus and also supports Mr. Trump is a hypocrite."

Hhuumm...and what do you call those who proselytize abortion - and in some states, infanticide?

Cpt D

I have the same thoughts and continue to wonder how any intelligent decent person could still support such a scoundrel....but just today I remembered the cry: “give us Barabbus” and it sort of makes sense! Never underestimate mankind's stupidity.


Excellent letter. And now there is the breaking story that Trump may have extorted the President of Ukraine to help him win the 2020 election. Even without that story, Trump has shown that there is no limit to his odious behavior. It has been obvious for decades that he truly cares only for himself and will do whatever he can to get what he wants. It is disturbing that so many people in this country are unable or unwilling to judge his true character. Coal miners are upset with Trump because he did not bring back coal jobs as he promised. Why would they ever think he would/could? History is rife with episodes where people blindly followed a charismatic, narcissistic leader and it never ended well. It won't end well this time either.


I'll vote GOP just to keep Democrats overwound


This letter, and most of these comments, are about Trump, not the entire Republican party. There are plenty of Republicans who do not support Trump so vote for them!

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