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As a resident of District 2, I was initially thinking about supporting someone other than Commissioner Bobby Jackson. His first term had been a little rough and I thought we might do better. Lindsey Pollock seemed a potential choice but then I heard that there was some controversy over her donor and endorsement lists. 

Lindsey Pollock’s biggest donation came from Ed Fund, Edna Fund’s husband. Why in the world is a sitting commissioner actively giving contributions to the opponent of another sitting commissioner? Then I found out that other people had voiced concerns and pressed her on this issue.

Her response to a concerned citizen asking her to return this donation in the interest of having a harmonious commission was dismissed with arrogance and she refused to return the money from Edna’s husband. Her endorsements also happen to be almost all people who support Edna Fund. They even have their signs together. It seems clear that she and Edna are running together and if this is the case why not just be open about it? Is it because Lindsey is afraid to be seen as Edna’s puppet?

History has demonstrated when Edna can’t get her way with someone, she outright campaigns against them. She actively campaigned against Julie Shaffley from the Port of Centralia. Now it appears she is targeting a fellow commissioner because he won’t bend to her agenda.

And what exactly is Edna’s agenda?

Edna professed in 2016 to be the leader who gets people to the table. She must have meant the tables with assigned seating at all of the events she goes to for 15 minutes. Because with the ports, the only table she got them to was a courtroom table with the various lawsuits, that’s right, she sued the ports in her own district. These lawsuits were immediately thrown out and only cost the taxpayers $500k in legal fees. That’s some kind of leadership. To date, she has only attended one meeting with the port in the last four years. She only attended this meeting because she was trying to unseat Julie Shaffley, which thankfully, was unsuccessful.

She single-handedly killed the deal with Fred Meyer with all of her requests. She even went on the record at The Chronicle stating her requirements. Traffic impact survey, a million-dollar road, and the real gem, sidewalks, which would make sense if there were residents in the area to use them.

As for the Centralia School District, where do I start? Have you heard anything from anti-growth Edna on the condition of the school district? I know I haven’t. I would expect her to say as a commissioner she has no say in the school district. It’s true they don’t. But a good leader gets involved. A good leader understands when one of us hurts, we all hurt. This is an “all hands-on deck” situation.

If Lindsey will be coming with Edna and Edna with Lindsey I can’t support her.  I have say no to Edna 2.0.


Travis Schliesser


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