As a landowner and former business owner in Centralia, I am writing to ask for the support of Centralia citizens to vote for Bonnie Canaday for Pos. 2 on the Port of Centralia commission. Bonnie Canaday will bring transparency to the business conducted by the port board. Citizens will have a better understanding of the taxes they are paying to support the port (84.6 cents per $1,000 property value).

I am concerned that present commissioners have not been actively involved in thinking ahead in regard to the traffic on Harrison Avenue. With new business coming to the Port of Centralia, transportation issues must be addressed. At this time, there is $50.5 million reserved in the state transportation budget for building access to the freeway north of Centralia. 

To this date, the Port of Centralia has not helped in the process to make new freeway access a reality. The meetings that I have attended has had no port representation. Bonnie Canaday will plan for the present and future transportation needs of the community.

One port commissioner has told me traffic has been studied for Harrison Avenue and there is plenty of room for expansion with no problem. My experience just yesterday proved otherwise. Bonnie Canaday will help ensure that traffic is reduced by being active in the process to build another access to the freeway north of Centralia. 

Bonnie Canaday, if elected to the Port of Centralia commission, will bring transparency to the citizens in regard to port business conducted, create partnerships with the Lewis County Government, the City of Centralia, City of Chehalis, Port of Chehalis, Lewis County Economic Development Council, Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce and most of all, the taxpayers of Centralia who put their hard-earned money up to support the Port of Centralia.


Bob Guenther


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