Borst Park Drive-Thru Lights

Santa and his reindeer light the entrance to the Borst Park Drive-Thru Light show in Centralia on last December.

Thank you to all of the people involved in the Borst Park Drive-Thru Light Display for a very successful year of bringing light and holiday cheer for families and visitors, near and far. The first “thank you” must go to Lee Coumbs who had the vision 10 years ago of what fun a light display could provide for our local citizens. The second “thank you” goes to Emil Piersoon, Centralia parks director, who bought in the concept and has helped bring the wonderful display that 42,000 people enjoyed this year. Also, thank you to the park staff that set up the light displays and were available for any problems that may have happened during the time this event ran. 

The third “thank you” goes to the Centralia Little League board members who managed volunteers for this year’s event. They had the task of scheduling volunteers, opening and closing the park nightly. The fourth “thank you” goes to all the wonderful nonprofit volunteer groups that greeted guests, answered their questions, kept stats and ran the lights on their designated shifts. Lastly, thank you to each and every person who visited and enjoyed the lights. We thank you for all of the positive comments. Also, thank you to those who donated a tremendous amount of food for our local groups that assist people in need, which was in addition to the admission fee. 

Without every person or group stated, this would not have been a success. This was a heart-lifting event that allowed nonprofits to have a fundraiser in 2020 and get together with their groups. This event allowed families, individuals and children to have their hearts lifted and be allowed to enjoy some of the holiday spirit that was missing this year. 

One last thank you, and we will see you next year. Look for new displays and more lights. Until then — your smiles made our Christmas. 


Sue and Bill Luond 


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